appointment terms


Schedule a reading with mary by going to the book now page and selecting the session length of your choice. Set your local timezone. Choose the day and time from the menu. Only mary’s current availability will be shown on the menu at your local time. Then complete the intake form and payment. You will receive a confirmation email with a link that will allow you to change information if needed. If a daytime weekday appointment is needed, please use the contact page to send your request with a preferred future date and time. mary will try to accommodate such requests as her schedule permits.


mary cannot guarantee who will come through during a session or what information will be delivered. Each client is responsible for coming to the session with an open mind, and to be open to receiving the information being presented. Advice may be given during the session. The client is fully responsible for any choices they make. The information given during a session is NOT a substitute for medical, psychiatric, legal, tax, financial and educational advice or guidance from a qualified professional.

Respecting the client’s commitment in making the appointment and the energy mary puts into each session, refunds are only allowed for emergency reasons and must be approved by both parties. Not all clients and readers are a good match. The session will be truncated should the two parties not be a good energetic match.

All reschedules or cancellations need to be made at least 7 days in advance of your appointment to allow for rescheduling or refund process. If the client is a no show, appointment is completely missed or if not cancelled or changed 7 days prior to the appointment slot, payment will be forfeited. No exceptions.