Frequently Asked Questions about Sessions

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

A: Take the time to explore questions you would like to ask your loved ones and guides prior to your session. In the days leading up to your appointment think about your questions and specific individuals, you wish to communicate with during the session. Be prepared to actively participate in the session. The session will be a conversation between you and spirit. The more you put into the session, the more you will get out of it. Also be open to receiving the information given during the session. The best conversations have a balance and openness between the parties.

A few minutes before your appointment, relax or even meditate. mary is an extreme empath so how you feel at the time, mary will feel too. If you are nervous, she will feel your nerves. Being relaxed and having a curious or playful approach to the session will lead to a better connection.

Q: What kind of questions should I ask?

A: Make a list of 10-20 questions that you would like to explore. Questions from the heart are best. Write your questions down and have them with you during the session. The questions act as a checklist for you to make sure you cover topics most present in your heart. Remember the quality of the questions determines the quality of the answer. It is also important to remember that spirit is energy and therefore responds in terms of energy, emotions, and feelings and not always in detailed facts.

Information on future situations is based on your energy and intent at the moment the question is asked. Your energy and intent are constantly changing, therefore, predictions regarding the future can and do change. The accuracy of predictions is based on the highest probability outcome at the moment the question is asked and your perception of the possibilities. Therefore there can be no guarantees on prediction accuracy.

Q: I want to talk to someone specific who has passed away. Will they be available for my session?

A: mary will invite requested individuals to participate in the session but she cannot guarantee who will come through during a session or what information will be delivered.

Q: Do you communicate with animals, those who have passed away or who are still alive?

A: Yes. mary has a strong connection with animals. Whether they be animal companions, wild animals, those who have transitioned or those still living, mary loves connecting with all of them. If you wish to connect with a specific animal companion, please upload a photo of that individual during the scheduling process. You can also email the photo(s) by replying to the appointment confirmation email. While a photo is not required, it is helpful to ensure the clearest connection to that specific companion.

Q: Who do you work with during the reading? My guides or yours?

A: Both, but it depends on who comes through during the session. We all have many different guides who work with us on different things during different parts of our lives. mary does work regularly with a small team of her guides who directly help with sessions. While preparing for each session, mary invites her team and the client’s guides and loved ones to participate in the session.

Q: What time zone are appointments scheduled?

A: Please note the time of your session and the indicated time zone. This should be your local time zone that was set when you began the online scheduling process. A Google search of the listed time zone will quickly confirm if it matches your current time. (note: 12:00am = midnight, 12:00pm = noon). If you are unsure, please reply to the appointment confirmation email to clear it up. mary is in the US Mountain Time Zone.