explore your unique puzzle

Each of us experience life in our own unique way. While we have shared experiences with others, how those experiences fit into our life is like a puzzle. In each session mary helps the client see not only the different pieces of the puzzle but a broader view of their life’s puzzle. 

make the connections

Just before each session mary connects with spirit by asking the most pressing question or intent the client has provided. This initial connection is done through automatic writing. Once the connect has been made messages start to flow until it is time for the session to begin. After the session mary will share the automatic writing along with a quick translation of the messages that came through (in red) just prior to the session.

discover missing pieces

In most sessions clients bring with them questions left unanswered. During the session mary works with spirit to bring forward missing pieces of the client’s puzzle so the client can better see what questions have answers. 

find wisdom in the journey

Each session brings forth some level of closure and wisdom. During the session mary explains how the client can take the next steps in their journey. Whether it be by making a new life’s path, finding comfort in the answers given, or knowing how to reconnect with loved ones, the ending of the session is not the end of the journey, only the next steps in a new beginning.