Each session is unique. When I do a session I can receive messages in many ways. I feel energy physically, emotionally, and telepathically. Often just before and during a session, I become aware of specific words, phrases or a knowing. Spirit will sometimes show me still or moving images. And occasionally I will hear a voice externally or internally in my head. My role in the session is to convey the words, images, emotions, and sensations spirit is using to communicate. I sometimes don’t translate messages I receive but rather describe them in detail for the client to translate.

Each session is a conversation between spirit and the client with me as a neutral translator of spirit and human languages. The best conversations have a balance and openness between the parties. Each client is responsible for being prepared to participate in the session and coming to the session with an open heart and mind. I recommend that sessions be approached with wonder and playfulness. Bringing prepared questions to the session helps to ensure that topics of interests are explored. Remember the quality of the questions determines the quality of the answer.

It would be my honor to help you explore part of your unique puzzle.

Love All Ways,



“Your reading was fantastic! I called my sister right afterwards and she and I feel it is the best one I have received. Your energy is wonderful, soothing and clear. It is nice to get what you are picking up in its raw form. I feel that if something’s meaning seems a little vague it is best to just relay what is being shown or felt in its purest form. I appreciated that very much. Makes the reading much more personal as well. You have truly found your calling and I wish you all the best! I would recommend you to anyone!” ~ Danica M.
“I really, really loved your insights into Sadie’s passing (my dog).” ~ Nicole K.
“I loved that you were able to connect with the spirit of my mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and knowledge on how to connect with her. My heart felt whole and complete by the end of the reading.” ~ Hyacinth M.
“During the reading, your delivery of the message was so positive, calm and accurate. You interpreted what spirit was giving you in such a clear and accurate way and clearly described things about my life that you could not have known. I honestly have been so happy about the clarity I have received as a result of the reading with you. I came away from our session feeling ready to apply that clarity to my life now.” ~ Jessica C.