Each session is unique. When I do a session I can receive messages in many ways. I feel energy physically, emotionally and telepathically. Often just before and during a session, I become aware of specific words, phrases or a knowing. Spirit will sometimes show a still or moving image in my mind’s eye. And occasionally I will hear a voice externally or internally in my head. My role in the session is to convey the words, images, emotions, and sensations spirit is using to communicate. I sometimes don’t translate messages I receive but rather describe them in detail for the client to translate.

Each session is a conversation between spirit and the client with me as a neutral translator of spirit and human languages. The best conversations have a balance and openness between the parties. Each client is responsible for being prepared to participate in the session and coming to the session with an open mind. I recommend that sessions be approached with wonder and playfulness. Bringing prepared questions to the session helps to ensure that topics of interests are explored. Remember the quality of the questions determines the quality of the answer.

It would be my honor to help you explore part of your unique puzzle.

Love All Ways,