From an early age, I remember talking with animals and everything around me that no one else would talk to. My inquisitive nature was constantly seeking the different perspectives and wisdom these other beings held. Throughout my childhood, I was regularly called the shy, quiet one. A description I never fully understood because I wasn’t quiet, I was busy chatting with the animals and other life forms around me. They were my friends and my teachers. As I grew older, life’s ups and downs took over and I found fewer and fewer opportunities to visit with them. Adulthood brought professional pursuits and more of life’s ups and downs. My childhood friends and I rarely communicated. My world became quiet.

After the physical death of a very close family member, I found a path through my grief back to a place, a truth I had long forgotten. As I started down this new found path, pieces of my life puzzle began to appear before me. One puzzle piece led me to discover energy healing. As I explored the many forms of energy healing, I became a practitioner of Pranic Healing and a Master in Usui, Angelic, and Modern Reiki. Another puzzle piece led me to Jamie Butler. Through Jamie’s guidance and mentoring I discovered countless missing pieces and connections to my puzzle.

As I found pieces of my puzzle, life started to become clearer. I learned to explore the energies and life force that surrounds us. I learned to hone my channeling, telepathy and emphatic gifts and strengthen my other gifts. My world was turned right side up and it was alive again. Reconnecting with old friends and teachers. Being introduced to new energies, perspectives, and wisdom. And discovering a passion for helping others connect with the wisdom and love in everything around us and to their own gifts. These are all part of the adventure on my journey home. I hope our paths cross and that we experience part of the adventure together.

Love All Ways,